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Once I ran to you, now I'll run from you. This tainted love you've given; I give you all a boy could give you. Take my
tears and that's not nearly all; oh, tainted love.

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Anyway, I feel crummy. So does Carnasia; she's very hoarse. Sore throats over hurrrr. :) Not pleasent. And lately I've been really dizzy. PROBABLY from all the new blood loss cause I've had my period for what will be two weeks tomorrow. First one after a baby is always long, apparently. Meh. I'm dying. Cause of death: Drainage.

I spent half the night last night tweaking my Livejournal. Yes, I do recall saying that I wanted it nice and simple without a whole big div layout, but apparently, I somewhat lied. I don't want a div layout, but I went a little overide / psp8 loca. Oh well. It looks cool. But for some reason I can't get my music to work. I know that I didn't need a paid account to have music (even though they say you do) because I had it on my other layout. Eh, no matter. But can somebody PLEASE tell me why my entries don't show up on yall's friend pages? Somebody? Anybody? -stomps foot-

My mother used to work at this health food store when I was young, called "Edge of the Woods" down in New Haven. She worked with this woman named Maryanne, who had a daughter, Kira, roughly my age at the time. We became friends back in the day. Kira used to try really hard to seem like she was "bad", I guess you would say, to impress others. I asked my mother if she had a chance to give me a ride down there, because I had to pick up some tea and some herbs, and I'd like to see how she's turned out; we haven't spoke or seen eachother in years. I basically had to beg, because my mother was very reluctant. She said that back in the day Kira just ACTED "bad", whereas I'm a hoodlum, and Kira is wholesome, and I'll soil her. :| Nice.

I've decided that I'm going to go and get my hair done. I need a change. I was originally going to get a tight perm that went with my natural curl, but I've decided against it. Hair maintanence is not my favourite thing in the world, and a perm, especially a tight one, takes alot of it. So I've opted for some Mayte hair. Gotta love it. No, not those big, thick, ugly ass bangs that she rocked in '93, but a more recent look. I'm going for something like what's under the cut. That way, I can wear it straight, but I can invest in a nice curling iron and go curly. It's perfect. Alas, if it ends up looking like emo hair, I'm going to have to shave my head. :| The photos are mostly from various threads at Housequake.com; HQ ain't too shabby when Princefams' gallery is going through routine maintanence... but we still have the biggest gallery to date. So you guys still suck. :)

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Anyway, I'm still waiting for that income tax money. Did I mention it before? I think I did. I'm also going to be FINALLY getting my tattoo with it as well as other things. I was going to get my tattoo a year ago, but then I got pregnant and you can't get tatted while carrying. My tattoo is only going to be about an inch in height by two inches in width. I think I'm going to get it on the inside of my ankle rather than the outside, simply because I'm getting it for ME, not to show off to anyone else. I'm getting the word "Emancipation" in the same font as from the album, and a symbol coming off diagonally from the "o". Just black, POSSIBLY orange highlighting. Not sure yet about that, though.

Talked to Rain last night; haha. We talked about the reasons why people think Prince is sexy. Alot of people just dig Prince because of his music and whatnot, but there are alot of them running around going "0hmigawd Prince is so sexy!!!1one", when in all actuality, if he WASN'T Prince, and was just a regular guy walking down the street, they wouldn't even bat an eyelash. We were discussing this for the fact that Prince is actually my type. I dig short, skinny, kinda feminine black men. Look at Evan! LMAO. No need for him to know I said that. Point is, why does everyone have to follow what everyone else thinks? It's ridiculous. And plus, Rain thinks I should be entitled to sleep with Prince because I'm a freakin' promoter over here. Aside from the infamous 3121 "Head" photo that I took, I'm the one who attempts to influence people to listen to all the albums that others like the underrate, ie: Prince (S/T), Graffiti Bridge, Emancipation, The Vault... Old Friends For Sale, Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, etc. So apparently that gives me more right to get into his pants; hell, I'll buy it.

Do you know what REALLY iritates me? I get so irritated when people want to speak on behalf of other people; ie: Don't say that to someone! It's not nice! Who are you to judge! That bugs the shit out of me. I am going to judge someone by their appearance. Why? Because that is the only thing I know for sure is REAL. So many of you like to walk around all high and mighty talking about how "real" you are. Fuck that shit! You should judge someone on their personality, you say? Fuck that shit too! Your personality is the FAKEST THING ABOUT YOU. People want to say that it's what's on the inside that counts, but personality IS THE OUTSIDE. Personality is NOTHING. BUT. PRESENTATION. You can be peaches and cream to my face, and feel cold hatred inside for me. Personality is a front you put on -- a mask that you want others to believe. And what's even funnier is everyone that gripes and complains about other people judging someone else, has judged someone too, but don't want to come out and say it. Don't think it. Say it. Basically, as far as I'm concerned, the only thing you can judge is someone's appearance, because AT LEAST YOU CAN SEE IT.

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This is a little public entry that I will keep updating as I win awards from Blend sites, icon communities, etc. I don't have that many, I'm not very good at graphic-making -- I do it for fun. Hover over the awards to see what title I won, what I won them for, and where. I am very greatful for the awards that I get, because soooo many people enter, so winning an award is mind blowing. :)

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